(irc conversation about a pat metheny and ron carter concert)

11:22 <@john> how was the show?
11:54 <@pete> fantastic, john
11:54 <@pete> one of those "moses at the mountaintop" shows
11:55 <@pete> on one level, you're enjoying the music as entertainment of the most sublime quality
11:56 <@pete> but as a musician, it's also a master class - there are all these "aha!" moments
11:56 <@pete> i wish it were possible to have a recording of the show
11:56 <@pete> i could analyze it for a year and learn new things
11:57 <@pete> ron carter's bass solo was mind bending
11:57 <@pete> one of the most astonishing pieces of musicality i've ever heard
11:58 <@pete> he starts off playing figures from very simple music
11:58 <@pete> "you are my sunshine"
11:58 <@pete> "happy trails"
11:59 <@pete> and he's weaving these phrases of different tunes together
11:59 <@pete> a bit from here, a bit from there, some improvisation, sometimes two different things at the same time, fitting them together in different ways
12:00 <@pete> but always very listenable, melodic, never going over your head
12:01 <@pete> and it's hypnotic and delightful, you really get drawn into it, and each new melody or juxtaposition is making you smile a little bigger every time
12:01 <@pete> and he's weaving this spell, and you're inside it
12:02 <@pete> and the next thing you know, he's got 5 things going at once and it's coltrane and charlie parker and you didn't realize it but you left earth behind quite some time ago
12:03 <@pete> and you're gasping in awe and disbelief and trembling because you can't believe such music is even possible
12:04 <@pete> but it's still melodic and listenable too because he's working on so many levels
12:04 <@pete> the casual listener is still tapping his foot
12:05 <@pete> but pat metheny is sitting onstage with his eyes shut
12:06 <@pete> and he carries on this mad spell for some minutes until, after a time, he draws it back down and ties it all together and deposits you gently back in your seat
12:07 <@pete> and you open your eyes to the fading note of a 12th fret g-string harmonic
12:07 <@pete> if i had a recording of that solo
12:07 <@pete> ...